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8 Must-Have Free Apps for Your Apple Watch

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Finally - you have your new Apple Watch! So, what must-have free apps should you download first?

Here are some of our favorites.


If you spend any amount of time in large cities, you’ll want Citymapper. This free app is the companion you’ll want on your wrist as you navigate public transportation. It uses GPS positioning to give you step-by-step directions to the nearest bus or train, and tells you the next three arrivals so you can accurately plan your trip. Commuters - you’ll definitely want to download this Apple Watch app.


Keep your brain in tip-top shape with the Peak app for Apple Watch. By having this brain-training app on your Apple Watch, you can easily devote a minute or two to exercising your mind whenever you have a free moment - no need to dig your phone out of your pocket or bag!


Love Evernote? If so, you’ll definitely want Evernote for Apple Watch. It’s been optimized for the wrist-sized screen, making it your perfect productivity companion. It’s designed to enhance your Evernote experience by providing easy access to the information you need. You can use Evernote for Apple Watch to create reminders, keep track of to do lists, dictate notes, and even search through previous notes or tasks. If you already use Evernote, you’ll love how this app keeps everything you need literally right at your fingers.


Turn your Apple Watch into a health tracker with MyFitnessPal! At a glance you’ll be able to view your day’s nutrition information - calories remaining, progress towards daily goals, and how many extra calories you’ve earned from your daily workout.


If you travel often or otherwise find yourself in a situation with a language barrier, you’ll want to get iTranslate on your Apple Watch. Just speak directly into your watch in English, and the app will give you the same phrase in a wide range of languages.

Gas Guru

Gas Guru helps you find the cheapest gas prices. With this app on your Apple Watch you’ll have all the information you need to save at the pump - directions and maps, prices of all grades of fuel, time of the last price updates and more. Compare gas prices near you and save time (and gas) hunting for the best prices when you have this app handy.

Cue by Humana

Cue prompts you to perform small activities each day to build healthy habits and promote your overall health. For example, it will prompt you to drink water, get up and move around, stretch, focus on your breathing posture, or go outside and get some fresh air and sunshine. Downloading Cue is a great way to use your Apple Watch to promote your health.

Nike+ Running

The Apple Watch makes it easy to use the Nike+ Running app without needing to worry about taking your phone on runs. You’ll be able to track basic time, distance and pace metrics, of course, but it has much more functionality than that. See how long you’ve gone on your last 10 runs, control music streaming to your wireless headphones, see your live GPS route, check the leaderboard to see where you stand among your friends, and much more.

At SEVENSIXTEEN, we truly believe that what makes the Apple Watch so great is the ability to customize it to your needs. That’s where these apps come in - pick and choose which ones meet your needs to make the Apple Watch perfect for your lifestyle. It’s also why we made our Apple Watch band adaptor - so that you could make your watch exclusively yours.