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Best Productivity Apps for Apple Watch

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It’s no secret - we love the Apple Watch. One of our favorite things about it is how it provides you with everything you need right on your wrist. This is where productivity apps come in. Having everything you need on your phone is nice, but it’s even more convenient to have all your pertinent info on your wrist. It’s available for easy access whenever you need it, but able to be forgotten when you don’t. Since it’s on your wrist and not in a bag or pocket, you’ll always have it with you without having to keep track of it.

If you’re already using productivity apps on your phone or iPad, chances are there are Apple Watch apps to go along with them. If you aren’t, getting an Apple Watch is a good place to start! We feel confident that once you start keeping track of your to do lists, reminders, email and more on your Watch, you won’t want to go back to pen and paper or other methods.

Below are some of our favorite Apple Watch productivity apps.


If you aren’t using LastPass to manage your passwords, you definitely should be. It securely stores your passwords in its vault and allows you to access them whenever you need them. Having the app on your wrist makes this even easier - no need to dig your phone out of your pocket or bag when you need access to your important data.


The Clear app for Apple Watch is similar to Reminders, in that it’s a simple way to manage to do lists. Just set up your list for the day, then mark things off as you complete them. Use your Watch to dictate tasks, see what’s next on your to do list, and check off items once they’re taken care of. Plus, it integrates with iCloud so you can sync your list across multiple devices!


We’ve talked about Evernote before, but seriously - if you use Evernote at all, download the Apple Watch app. Use it to create to do lists, set reminders, dictate notes and search through previous notes and tasks. It’s optimized for the smaller screen, so it’s easy to have all the info you need right on your wrist.


We always loved how Mint helps people manage and understand their finances. Now that it’s available for the Apple Watch, we love it even more. The Mint Apple Watch app serves as a companion to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch apps by giving making it easy to review day-to-day spending and keep track of your finances so you can live within your means.


Despite the small screen on the Apple Watch, the Slack app for Apple Watch is still packed with loads of functionality. Create, receive and reply to direct messages, keep track of unread messages, get push notifications that would be sent to your phone and much more. If you use Slack for collaboration at work, you’ll definitely want to download the Watch app.


If you live by your calendar, check out the Sunrise calendar app for your Apple Watch. Use it to quickly scroll through events for today or upcoming days, easily find event details such as location or attendees, RSVP to events and more. Plus, there’s no need to remove your phone for notifications - invitations, reminders and confirmations will get sent straight to your wrist!

If you’re looking to increase your productivity and efficiency, investing in an Apple Watch may be just what you need. Keep everything you need to be productive by downloading your favorite productivity apps right to your Watch. Plus, with a Click watch band adaptor you can customize your watch fully so that it’s exactly what you need.