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8 Trendy Watch Bands For Men

As we’ve said before, one of the things we love about the Apple Watch is its versatility - you can easily make it into exactly what you need on your wrist. In fact, that’s why we created the Click adapter: to give you the freedom to use any 22mm watch band with your Apple Watch.

Recently we posted our favorite feminine and fashionable watch bands, and now we’re back with our top watch bands for men to use with their Apple Watch. Whether you’re looking for something formal, classic or casual, we’ve got you covered.

Take a look at our top watch band picks below.

Our Favorite Masculine Watch Bands

This smooth brown leather band from Fossil is perfect for your Apple Watch when used in combination with your Click adaptor. The contrast stitching and light brown leather color give you a casual look that’s suitable for a wide range of situations, from a Monday at the office to a Sunday on the golf course.

Here’s a similar black band, but this one is made of both leather and rubber and features rivets for added interest. We love this band for it’s versatility - just attach it to your Apple watch with your Click adaptor and wear it anywhere!

The Robby watch band is made of high-quality calf leather with sailcloth-surface and Hirsch premium caoutchouc core, and the combination of function and design makes it ideal for any situation. The fabric and design help wick away moisture, while the soft and stretchy combination of materials ensure it is always comfortable to wear. Plus, it comes in four color options: black/blue, black/orange, black/red and black/yellow.

For a similar look and feel, consider the Ayrton watch band, also from Hirsch. It is made of high-tech carbon-structured TECHNO upper leather with a rubber lining, and features include tone-in-tone stitching, oval cross function holes, matte black stainless steel buckle and wide, loose loops. Plus, it’s also designed to wick away moisture and help the skin regulate its temperature. It comes in the same four colors as the Robby featured above.

If you’re looking for a masculine watch band for your Apple Watch with similar function as the last two but a bit more neutral in design, consider this one, also from Hirsch Straps. It is made of high-quality natural caoutchouc rubber, but has a more neutral square look. The concave underside keeps things breezy and reduces moisture, and the integrated keeper stopper secures the keeper in place. It has a high-polish stainless steel buckle and comes in both black and white.

Continuing with the theme of more casual bands for Apple watches, check out this rugged-looking army green nylon band from Fossil. At only $15, it’s a steal, and would look great combined with your Apple Watch and click adaptor.

Looking for something a bit more dressed-up? Consider this yellow gold mesh watch band from Hadley-Roma. The high-quality mesh gives it a luxurious feel that perfectly pairs with the modern Apple Watch for a luxe look. Plus, at less than $50, it’s an affordable option.

How about a two-tone look? We love this two-tone solid link stainless steel men’s watch band, also from Hadley-Roma. Pair it with your Apple Watch for a classic, traditional look to suit any man.

Which men’s watch band is your favorite?