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7 Best New Features of the Apple Watch OS2

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After the Apple press conference on September 9, Apple Watch owners everywhere could not wait to get their hands on the new OS2 Apple Watch update - us included! We’ve loved getting to know the new software and have compiled a list of our favorite new features.

New faces: With the new OS2 software, you now have new options for the face of your watch when you check the time. The time-lapse option allows you to have a high-speed video of different cities around the world. This feature lets you to see the time of day in that city versus the one you are in. A different option is to select any photo stored on your watch to be displayed on the face of the watch. The third option is to select any photo album you want and the face will cycle through all the pictures.

New colors for Digital Touch: One of the most beloved features of the Apple Watch is the watch-to-watch form of communication called Digital Touch. Before, you could only select one color. With the new update, you can draw in as many colors as you’d like. Draw a rainbow or a smiley face with red lips and blue eyes!

More friends: The original Apple Watch only allowed you to have one circle of 12 friends, and they had to be predominately managed on the iPhone. Many people found this to be socially constricting. The new OS2 allows you to have multiple groups of 12, which you can manage right on the watch.

Nightstand alarm: Apple is looking to make alarm clocks irrelevant. You can now turn your Apple Watch on its side while it charges and use the Digital Crown as the snooze button and side buttons to turn the alarm off. For those who like total darkness, the screen does not stay lit all night. To view the time, you can tap the screen. The screen gradually gets brighter as you get closer to your alarm time in order to ease you out of your deep slumber.

Unbound WiFi: Feel free to leave your iPhone in another room because the Apple Watch is now a viable WiFi alternative. The Watch OS2 no longer needs your iPhone close by to connect to WiFi. With the new Apple Watch update, it can now connect to open WiFi networks on its own.

Siri: Siri has been an important part of our lives since 2010, but with the Apple Watch having no text capabilities, Siri is more important than ever. The Apple Watch update came with a new and improved Siri. She can start a specific workout, calculate a tip, retrieve public transit information, and look words up in the dictionary.

Native apps: The new Apple Watch update has brought some vital improvements to the Apple apps. You can now reply to emails in the mail app using voice dictation, emojis, and smart responses. The music app now has a quick play button that makes it easier to shuffle your music.

Apple listened to their customers and made incredibly important changes to the Apple Watch with the OS2 update. It was already a convenient counterpart to the iPhone, but now with the Apple Watch update, the watch is more useful than ever.