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Luxury Watch Bands for Apple Watch

We’ve said it before - we love the versatility of the Apple Watch. It’s easy to ensure that it’s exactly what you want on your wrist because it is so customizable.

However, we also know that many people collect watches, and watch collectors also tend to be loyal to specific brands. Once you start wearing an Apple Watch, it’s hard to go back to analog watches, so how can watch enthusiasts continue to mix things up with their favorite bands?

That’s where the Click watch adaptor comes in. It makes it easy to switch out your Apple band with any 22mm band. So, let’s say you’re loyal to Citizen watches; just find a 22mm Citizen watch band and attach it to your watch with our Apple Watch Adaptor. Or maybe you’re a fan of Hirsch straps. Keep your strap collection and use a different one with your Apple Watch each day.

Whatever your preferences, the Click Apple Watch Adaptor makes it easy to keep using bands from the names and brands you already like, combining your love for technology and for watches.

Our Favorite Luxury Watch Bands

If you’re a fan of the chronograph, you probably like Breitling watches. These watches are largely considered some of the best in the technical watch category. With a Breitling watch strap and your Apple Watch, you’ll enjoy a high-tech face with a technically advanced band. We’re big fans of this black leather band!

Breitling black leather band

Fond of the NATO strap? If that’s your go-to, there are many options from a variety of brands for you to choose from. For a highly functional but still durable and luxurious choice, consider these Omega bands. Pair these high quality NATO straps with your Apple Watch and your Click adaptor for an old school look with the newest technology.

nato watch strap

Perhaps you’ve always loved Citizen watches. If you’ve upgraded to an Apple Watch but want to keep the timeless, classic feel of your analog Citizen watches, try a Citizen watch band. Take a look at this stainless steel Citizen watch band, for example. Pair it with your Apple Watch for an understated classic look.

stainless steel Citizen watch band

If you’re partial to Swiss timepieces, consider watch bands from brands like Breguet. These watch bands can be a great way to combine a high-tech watch and a high-quality look. We love this black crocodile leather band by Breguet! We like the idea of wearing this band with a nice suit or even a tuxedo - it’s perfect for when you’re trying to look your best.

Breguet black crocodile leather band

Finally, we’d be remiss not to include a few Hirsch bands in a roundup of luxury bands for the Apple Watch. They are made of only the best materials and truly offer a high-quality option for any look. If you’re interested in a brown leather watch band, we like this alligator skin option. If you want something that pops a bit more, here’s a similar alligator skin watch band that comes in a variety of colors including pink, green, orange and yellow. For something more casual, check out this untextured leather band with embossed compass detailing.

Hirsch brown leather watch band

Which luxury watch band would you pair with your Apple Watch?