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Kickstarter Update: Shipping and Stainless Steel

Note: The following originally appeared as an update on Kickstarter posted November 8, 2015.


We've made large progress on reward shipments for Silver and Space Gray Aluminum adapters. We will continue to make progress on shipments as weekly batches arrive in for fulfillment. We are anticipating fulfillment of 38mm Aluminum adapters over the next two-three weeks. 

If you need to update your address, please reach out to us at and we can assist with this!

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel production is in full swing. We ran into consistency issues with manufacturing that resulted in some modifications to the adapter moulds. This has since been resolved and initial testing shows much better yields. Given the hurdle, we are on track to have Stainless Steel adapter shipping starting in 3 weeks as units arrive in. Attached below are some photos of the Stainless Steel adapters taken for sample verification. Check them out:

38mm Stainless Steel Adapter

38mm Stainless Steel Adapter

38mm Space Black Stainless Steel Adapter

We look forward to getting these out to you promptly upon arrival for fulfillment! 

We are working everyday to get through all customer inquiries and ask that you please, once again, reach out to us via email at with any inquiries you may have, as the Kickstarter Messages platform is not the best for this purpose.