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How to Become a Better Runner With Apple Watch

Running with Apple Watch

There’s no shortage of great running apps and training devices out there, but if you’re a diehard Apple fan, you’re probably most interested in how to use Apple Watch in place of a fitness tracker to help you become a better runner.

Fortunately, the Apple Watch is easily customizable to provide you with exactly what you need to improve your skills as a runner. Whether you’re looking for distance tracking, activity monitoring or heart rate monitoring, Apple Watch’s capabilities make it easy to get the information you’re looking for.

Before you incorporate your Apple Watch into your fitness routine, make sure you have a good sports band. This band should be loose enough to be comfortable, but not so loose as to fall off. Look for something that won’t cause wrist chafing or be damaged by water or sweat. If you aren’t a fan of Apple’s sport bands, try our sport leather band, or any other sports band with the Click Apple Watch adapter.

Using the Apple Watch Fitness Apps During Your Workout

Each Apple Watch comes with a whole suite of apps, but two are especially helpful for runners: the Workout app and the Activity app.

First, let’s look at the Workout app. The Workout app is designed for cardio-intensive exercises. Just choose the type of exercise you’re doing, and it will give you real-time access to the stats you need.

When you first get started, it will ask you to set a goal. If you’ve been exercising for awhile, set a goal based on your most recent workouts - you can choose whether to focus on time, distance or how many calories you want to burn. We suggest setting your goal to try to exceed what you accomplished on your last workout! However, if you’re new to running, you may benefit from keeping things open and not setting a goal. Just push yourself as hard as you can - this will give you a place to start from, and you may even surprise yourself with how far you can go!

If you’re running often, use your Watch to keep track of your pace and how far you run each day. By tracking this data, you’ll be able to push yourself harder and harder, ultimately becoming a better runner. And you’ll have all your data conveniently on your wrist whenever you need it - no need to worry about keeping up with an extra device!

If you’re looking for an Apple replacement to your Fitbit or Jawbone fitness tracker, you’ll love the Activity app. This app keeps track of your movements throughout the day and helps keep you motivated to make healthy choices and move more often. It monitors how much time you’ve spent standing, how many calories you’ve burned, and how many minutes you’ve spent exercising. This helps keep you on track towards living a healthier lifestyle - which only serves to make you a better runner and a healthier person!

Already have a favorite fitness app? Great news - it’s probably compatible with the Apple Watch! Whether your prefer Strava Running and Cycling, Pocket Yoga or Nike+ Running, you can use your Apple Watch to keep track of your activity, reach your fitness goals and become a better runner.