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About Us

Our Team

We are a young, energetic team based in Rochester, New York that is seeking to reinvent the way we think about the Apple Watch. Through rapid innovation and a drive for perfection, we want to make your watch about you again! Your personality defines you and we're here to help you unlock that!

Our Story

We started as a small Kickstarter project and quickly flourished from there, raising our goal in just over 24-hours. From there we went on to raise $215,000 to bring our vision of a truly personal watch to life and the rest is history. 

We pride ourselves on a higher-standard of product, ensuring that every product we sell not only functions beautifully, but enhances the lives of our customers. This is why we hand-test every single product we ship, standing by our motto: "If we wouldn't wear it, neither should you".

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PO Box 506
West Falls, New York 14170